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FOW050 – Nationalism, Censorship and Media in China (with Kiki Zhao) [EN]

On Chinese nationalism, censorship, influence and the media coverage of these topics in China and abroad.

FOW047 – What’s going on in Xinjiang (with William Yang) [EN]

The recent history of repression and human rights violations in Xinjiang province

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FOW045 – Mythbusting China’s Social Credit System (with Shazeda Ahmed) [EN]

Mythbusting the so-called social credit system

FOW044 – Presidential Elections in Taiwan (with Lev Nachman) [EN]

A close look at what’s at stake in the upcoming presidential election in Taiwan.

FOW041 – Chengdu Bling: Hip-Hop in China (with Lauren Teixeira) [EN]

Katharin talks to Lauren Teixeira about the hip-hop scene in China and how it relates to government censorship and propaganda

FOW037 – Legal Reforms in Taiwan (with Maggie Lewis) [EN]

On the history of Taiwan’s legal system and its intricacies

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan

FOW036 – Dealing With A Difficult Past: Transitional Justice In Taiwan (with Chris Horton) [EN]

Katharin and Chris discuss the history of authoritarian Chinese (KMT) rule in Taiwan, current transitional justice policies dealing with this period of “white terror” and the possibility of a future Republic of Taiwan.


FOW034 – Chinese Internet Culture (with Gabriele de Seta) [EN]

Gabriele de Seta talks to Katharin about his research on internet culture in China