FOW058 – US-China Relations, Then and Now (with Graham Webster) [EN]


Photo: Richard Nixon and Zhou Enlai speaking at a banquet at the Great Hall of the People. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I believe most of graham’s facts he mentioned are plausible but i don t agree to his opinion. there are more reasons to believe USA is a thread to China than the other way around and i think to be fair one should mention these before making such comments:

    A) Military
    Fact 1: USA military expenses are almost triple than china’s although China’s population is more than 4 times bigger than US population. With NATO this gap is even bigger. (Countries military budget 2019:
    Fact 2: USA has many military bases around China but China nothing around USA, even no allies is surrounding USA. (The coming war on China from Pulitzer Price winner and Assange supporter John Pilger
    Fact 3: China has just a small fraction of illegal military actions like the USA in the past and present. Examples wars (e.g. 2nd Iraq war, Afghanistan, Libya,…), military interventions (e.g. Iran, some south American countries,…), military exports, spying activities on other countries (e.g. on german Chancellor Angela Merkel cell phone), influencing political coops (e.g. audio record of US Diplomat Victoria Nuland about Ukraine coop, when she said „…Fuck the EU…“

    My opinion: Based on this it’s a normal human reaction that China wants to defend itself and can be less seen as threat to the USA. USA would react maybe much stronger if we consider US behavior during Cuba crisis. During this talk with Graham he was calling some of the wars / interventions under Bush and Trump insane and said about 20 minutes before its a reasonable argument to see china as a thread to USA just because of its increasing economically and military power. Actually both sounds insane not just what Busch or Trump did. Additionally I can hardly believe that all of US illegal military actions and violation of human rights with Torquer in Guantanamo and other prisons caused less harm than China’s violation of human rights.

    B) Economically:
    Fact 1: Technology wise USA is by far more advanced than China in nearly all important sectors e.g. in IT ( AI, Operating systems, databases, enterprise software e.g. oracle & sales force, GPU and CPU IT Hardware e.g Nvidia) and also in car, airplane, ship, machine, medicine, chemistry banking, Insurance consulting, military sector
    Fact 2: US GDP is more than 30% bigger than China’s although China’s population is more than 4 times bigger than US population
    Fact 3: China’s absolut poverty and health system is much worse than US
    Fact 4: USA has much more influence and power over the World banking system and world trade currency. With this specific Tool USA is threatening other democratic countries to enforce sanctions on other countries (like countries in EU to enforce sanctions on Iran or like Germany to stop North stream 2 pipeline with Russia)

    My Opinion: Based on this it’s a normal human reaction that China wants to grow economically like USA and defend this growth against USA in order to give 1.5 billion people a better life with more happiness, health and safety,…. If USA tries to avoid China by growing it looks like a kicking away the ladder or hegemonic politics which is rather aggressive from USA than from China. When Graham said that Trump and Bush administration crossed a certain line by treating Hua Wei or other countries so bad. why is it then a reasonable argument for him to say China is a thread to USA just because china is growing.

    C) Human rights violation and less openness
    Fact 1: there are much more human right violations in China than in USA
    Fact 2: Most of human right accusations against China or USA show not enough evidence for an international court justified verdict.
    Fact 3: Chinese human right violation is a thread to the people in china and not the people in USA.
    Fact 4: Protectionism has been used by all western countries in the past to protect their week sectors against foreign countries Especially by the USA. China is doing the same now. => My Opinion: One should should talk about how fast china should open his still weaker industries but be patient because every country took his time to open up in the past.

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