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FOW062 – Was ist los in Myanmar? (mit David Brenner)

Hintergrund und Geschichte 29:43, dann geht es um gegenwärtige Konflikte und ab 49:45 um die derzeitige Gewalt gegen die Zivilbevölkerung. David Brenner Twitter: @DavBrenner Website University of Sussex,…

FOW061 – Punk in Wuhan (with Nathanel Amar) [EN]

Guest: Nathanel Amar Twitter Scream4Life-Blog Article about Wuhan Punk Foreign Beatles cover band Dalu Yuedui Cui Jian dakou CDs Teresa Teng Underground Baby Boredom Collective SMZB (Shengming zhi…

FOW060 – Being Queer in China (with Zeyi Yang) [EN]

Zeyi Yang Zeyi’s website Zeyi’s Twitter Zeyi’s story about how a two gay Chinese men became two gay Chinese dads episode FOW028 about LGBTQ* rights in Taiwan Queer…

FOW059 – Language, Dialect & Nationalism in China (with Gina Tam) [EN]

Gina Tam Twitter Website Gina’s book Freely available first chapter (access to the entire book for some university libraries) Blog article: What Makes a Language Policy Revolutionary? FOW…

FOW058 – US-China Relations, Then and Now (with Graham Webster) [EN]

Graham on Twitter DigiChina Graham’s Website Self-promotion Support Fernostwärts PayPal Steady Bank transfer Read our biweekly Fernostwärts Newsletter (in German) Photo: Richard Nixon and Zhou Enlai speaking at…

FOW057 – Chinese Journalism (with Shen Lu) [EN]

On the important work of Chinese journalists (particularly on the COVID-19 outbreak)

FOW056 – Lockdown experiences in Wuhan (with Rui Zhong) [EN]

Personal stories of life in Wuhan during lockdown

FOW055 – Taiwans absurder internationaler Status (mit Klaus Bardenhagen)

Eine kurze Geschichte Taiwans mit Taiwanreporter Klaus Bardenhagen