FOW060 – Being Queer in China (with Zeyi Yang) [EN]


Photo: Postcards from ShanghaiPRIDE via 上海骄傲节 ShanghaiPRIDE

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  1. thank you very much for having this gay topics on your podcast again. i definitely will check out Zeyi’s work and his recommendation later. many things what he said i fits to my experience. but i hoped there would have been more content be discussed.

    by the way some gay or hetarosexual chinese with problems of getting children go for surrogacy in other countries like china or usa. most of the time ukraine and russia is involved. i would also not see gay surrogacy as a kind of instrument for chinese gay to come along with your chinese parents . its more likely there is a really big wish to have children and the improved relationship with your parents is a good side effect.

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