FOW045 – Mythbusting China’s Social Credit System (with Shazeda Ahmed) [EN]

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Photo: Screenshot of Nils‘ Sesame Credit score

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3 Kommentare

    • tschino

      it is better to criticize content of this interview with new thoughts and arguments not with unproofen accusations. this style of communcation tent to lead to worse results of the democratic discourse. i believe the opposit what you acutally want.

  1. Tschino

    i like Shazeda. she seems to have the abilty to see a things like media and the chinese information system from different perspectives. so many insides about a social topic in one dictatorship like china is amazing. thanks for having her in this podcast. i think it’s important to have more and better comparisons of our western and the chinese society regarding surveillance. maybe we will see that more privacy is open for commercial usage at our society than we think (e.g. facebook and cambridge analytica, google collecting privat information in so many privat situation, US secret services know probably more about americans and foreigners like chinese or the german chancelor than current china about the chinese with their ai information system. another thought i had was about the public good experiment which demonstrate without additinal legislation that public goods will be treated so badly (e.g. public toilets, driving over speed limit, …) therefore camera’s are needed. probably the question is how much control and surveillance is needed. probably for every society different. i’ve heard the very strict and hard punishments in singapore helped to build trust for foreign investments. i assume singapore has also many cameras on the street. but i don’t hear many critics about this. maybe the thought is when surveillance in democracy is better than surveillance in dictatorship???

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