Schlagwort: taiwan

FOW037 – Legal Reforms in Taiwan (with Maggie Lewis) (EN)

On the history of Taiwan’s legal system and its intricacies

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan

FOW036 – Dealing With A Difficult Past: Transitional Justice In Taiwan (with Chris Horton) (EN)

Katharin and Chris discuss the history of authoritarian Chinese (KMT) rule in Taiwan, current transitional justice policies dealing with this period of “white terror” and the possibility of a future Republic of Taiwan.

FOW033 – Update: Same Sex Marriage in Taiwan (EN)

A quick update with Brian Hioe on the state of same sex marriage in Taiwan

FOW027 – Taiwan’s New Labour Law & Taiwanese Politics (EN)

Interview with Taiwanese journalist Brian Hioe about a new labor law that was recently passed in Taiwan