FOW025 – Korrespondenzen mit Angela Köckritz (ZEIT)

Angela Köckritz, ehemalige ZEIT-Korrespondentin in Peking, hat Katharin Fragen zum Journalistendasein in China beantwortet.
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Episodenbild: Wuhan | Hu? Jintao von Tauno Tõhk / 陶诺 unter CC BY 2.0

Einleitung (0:00,00)

 Korrespondentendasein in China (0:03,11)

Freie Zeit als Korrespondentin (0:23,40)

Veränderungen über die Jahre (0:35,00)

China und Deutschland (0:43,18)

Empfehlung (0:46,55)

FOW024 – Chineasten: Filme aus Greater China mit @gafferlein

Katharin spricht mit Jenny Jecke von Moviepilot über Filme aus Taiwan, Hong Kong und der Volksrepublik - welche man sehen sollte, wie Regisseure mit Zensur umgehen und über die Hong Konger Liebe zu Essen und Gangstern.
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(Episodentitelbild: A Jon Woo Scenario – LudoCC BY 2.0)


Das chinesischsprachige Dreieck (0:08,45)

Made in Hong Kong, influenced by China (0:12,45)

China und Hollywood (0:32,50)

  • co-financing
  • Looper (Sonderszenen, die es nur in China zu sehen gab)
  • The Martian (kurze Szene in China mit chinesischen Stars)
  • Mission Impossible – co-finanziert von Alibaba
  • einzigartiger chinesischer Markt
  • Terminator Genisys, Star Wars – The Force Awakens
  • asiatische Protagonisten: Into the Badlands (mit Daniel Wu)
  • Fresh off the Boat (2015-)

Die Volksrepublik & Taiwan (0:44,20)

Hindernisse und Zensurregeln (0:50,00)

Beschaffbarkeit & Zugänglichkeit (1:07,30)


FOW023 – Michelle Proksell and the Chinternet (live @ 32c3 Sendezentrum)

At 32c3 we talked to Michelle Proksell about the Chinese internet, with a focus on WeChat, memes and a rainbow-shooting Mao.
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Michelle’s research (00:00:58)

Examples. So many examples. (00:08:25)

  • “Demographics” folder
  • 美图秀秀 měitú xiùxiù: photo editing app (English name: Meitu Pic)
  • Uniqlo: popular clothing store chain


  • E-commerce on WeChat
  • Business Insider: “WeChat is helping Chinese buy US homes”
  • Tencent, huge internet company
  • QQ, instant messenger platform
  • WeChat has international appeal/international connections
  • Weibo (literally “microblogging”) (often compared to Twitter to make it easier to understand for foreigners)
  • Michelle’s “small data” database, individual assessment, chance of infering something wrong not as high as with big data
  • Fundraising through WeChat is also possible
  • 红包 hōngbāo: “red envelope”, which is used to gift money (esp. on Chinese New Year) to children and unmarried women
  • WeChat described as “China’s homegrown OS (Operating System)”
    • can be used to play games
    • not an OS in the traditional sense, but in the way its used and the broad functions it provides; driving a lot of app development
  • 1.3 billion Chinese: still ~600 million people are still offline (Xi Jinping wants everyone online by 2020)
  • Older phones more prevalent in rural areas, not as many smartphones as seen in urban areas. Worse/no 3G coverage in the countryside?
  • Migrant workers (PIC 1. bunk 2. selfie with bed in background 3. group of people)
    • indicator: bunk beds
    • indicator: gestures



crab legs formed to spell 中秋快乐 (“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival”)
Slightly modified WeChat startup screen



  • ca 48:00
我不年轻了: Obama, Kim Jong Un, Shinzo Abe, Duang


  • 51:40: Escalator memes



  • 53:20 Tianjin explosion: “Pray for Tianjin”
  • “🙏” originally intended as a high five, not hands folded in prayer



  • Michelle enjoys fish pics


  • 520 = 五二零 = wuerling   ~>   woaini = 我爱你

Q&A (1:01:30)

Thank you, Sendezentrum!